In researching and writing The Child Snatchers, author, Jasmin Newman was aware of the deeply complex nature of relationship breakdown. She felt a strong sense of motivation to support abducted children and their grieving parents.

“Parent-child abductions are not a clear cut case of right and wrong.” Ms Newman said. “There are family court decisions and, in some cases, intercultural issues which need to be considered.” 

Recently, Ms Newman was made aware of web articles and social media postings being made since publication of The Child Snatchers, which she claims make false and defamatory statements about her, and about the content of the book. 

The Child Snatchers was screened by an experienced and highly regarded lawyer who specialises in defamation issues, to ensure it kept integrity. While my position is clearly anti-abduction, it is equally clear that my purpose for writing the book is one of child protection in parenting matters after separation.” Ms Newman said.  

“This smear campaign only highlights the problem with social media vigilantes, as noted among the chapters of the book. This is the modus operandi of certain individuals who want to deflect their own wrongdoings onto others,” she said. 

According to Ms Newman, the person responsible is using a pseudonym social media profile which has been traced and identified as a subject of the book. “The real person behind this has a documented criminal history associated with parent-child abduction.” she said. 

“My writing involves meticulous research and attention to detail. Anyone receiving countering information is urged to do their due diligence. My legal representatives are monitoring the developing situation and I have not ruled out initiating legal action.”

The Child Snatchers is for sale on Amazon and other major online retailers.